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Hosted by TRANZO/Tilburg University and co-hosted by the Dutch Medical Services of Air Force, the 2015 EHMA Annual Conference "Evidence-Based Management: Better Decisions, Better Healthcare" is to take place in the beautiful city of Breda, the Netherlands from Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 June 2015.

Healthcare organisations and systems across Europe face complex challenges with regard to the delivery of care. In a context of austerity, researchers, policy makers and managers need to apply the best available evidence in managerial decision making and this is reflected in the concept of evidence-based management.

Inspired by the use of evidence in the decision making of healthcare professionals, champions of evidence-based management assume that the systematic use of the best available evidence in managerial decision making will improve healthcare provision.

However, several questions and challenges remain with regard to the conceptualisation, application and implications of evidence-based management in healthcare. The EHMA Annual Conference 2015 will provide the opportunity to discuss how to improve decision making in healthcare, and to make better use of evidence-based management in practice.

Interactive sessions and several networking opportunities together with an informal and relax atmosphere will facilitate discussions and exchanges among representatives of all health sectors coming from all around Europe and beyond.

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