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Hosted by Tilburg University/TRANZO Department and co-hosted by the Joint Health Care Division of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, the EHMA Annual Conference 2015 will take place from Monday 15 June to Wednesday 17 June, Breda, the Netherlands.

About the EHMA Conference

The EHMA Annual Conference is an international knowledge sharing event. It is a meeting place where, according to EHMA’s vision statement evidence, challenge and experience are valued and the “unthinkable” can be discussed. Participants coming from all around Europe and beyond will have the opportunity to bring and share their knowledge - derived from academic work and practical experience - and explore fundamental managerial and policy issues. Interactive sessions and several networking opportunities together with an informal and relaxed atmosphere will facilitate the discussion among representatives from all parts of the health sector. Furthermore, thanks to the participation of the military health care sector, the 2015 Annual Conference will present the unique opportunity to explore new elements in knowledge-sharing and health management.

About the 2015 theme "Evidence-Based Management: Better Decisions, Better Healthcare"

Healthcare organisations and systems face complex challenges regarding the delivery of care. Researchers, policy makers, hospital managers and health care executives need to apply the best available evidence in managerial decision making. This is reflected in the concept of evidence-based management. Inspired by the use of evidence in the decision making of healthcare professionals, champions of evidence-based management assume that the systematic use of the best available evidence in managerial decision making will improve healthcare provision. However, several questions and challenges remain with regard to the conceptualisation, application and implications of evidence-based management in healthcare.

  • What is really meant by evidence?
  • Do managers, policy makers and leaders really make much use of evidence in their decision making?
  • How much should researchers be doing to get their research findings into practice?
  • Are some organisations better than others at using evidence or knowledge in decision making?
  • How well does the training and development of managers and leaders equip them to be good at using evidence in decision making?
  • How can researchers help managers and healthcare organisations to find, appraise and use evidence effectively?
  • How can leadership and management development programmes be improved?


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