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« May 2016

Managing Radical Change in Health: Quality, Efficiency, Equity

EHMA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2010: 30 June - 2 July, Lahti, Finland

Across different countries and different systems   health leaders are facing the need to look for radical   change in how health systems are designed and how   healthcare is delivered. This is a question not just of what   to do in theory but how to do it in practice: how to   manage and lead change in the context of pressurized   environments  with many competing priorities.

Around 200 delegates joined us in Lahti to explore   managing radical change in health, with a particular focus   on raising quality, improving efficiency and safeguarding   equity.

We would like to thank all speakers, participants, sponsors and the EHMA Board and SAC members for all their support and work before and during the conference. A special thanks also goes to the Finish Organising Committee, and in particular to Prof. Mikko Nenonen and his team for all the efforts put in organising this successful conference.


To download the full programme of the conference, please click here. For a detailed understanding of the sessions and posters, please download the Abstract Book here.

To see all the speaker presentations, please follow this link. Pictures from the Annual Conference are available at the EHMA Photo Gallery.


The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tampere in Finland recognised conference attendance to the equivalent of 15 hours of continuing education. See the official certiciate (pdf). 


The 2010 EHMA Annual Conference was hosted by the beautiful Sibelius Hall, one of the most famous venues in Finland.

 The Sibelius Hall is a model example of new technology and  modern wood construction. The Sibelius hall building complex,  the almost 90 000 m3 of space, consists of four elements: the  renovated ex-carpentry factory, the main hall, the congress wing  and the forest hall.

The Sibelius Hall (Sibeliustalo) was built as concert hall in  Lahti, Finland and named after the composer Jean Sibelius. The concert hall was completed in 2000. Architects Kimmo Lintula and Hannu Tikka designed the hall, which is made of wood. The acoustics were engineered by Artec Consultants, New York. Its acoustics are one of its strongest points, while the architecture follows the Scandinavian tradition of sophisticated design. The concert hall has a capacity of 1,250 seats.

To read more about the venue and have a virtual tour, please visit the link.

Sponsored by 

MSD      SAS

Hosted by

HUS        Lahti         Päijät

THL           Vantaa

TYKS          Talent Partners

 Promoted by

Emerald                             Premissi