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« May 2016

Karolinska Medical Management Centre/EHMA Research Award

“We need to do more to stimulate good research into health organisation and management. Doctoral researchers need to be encouraged to carry out such work and be recognised for their contribution”.

Karolinska Medical Management Centre



The Karolinska Medical Management Centre / EHMA  Research Award is an annual award for the best contribution associated with a doctoral thesis related to health management. Selected by the EHMA Scientific Advisor Committee, the best abstracts will have the opportunity to compete for a 1000 € prize during a dedicated PhD Students' session at the EHMA's Annual Conferences.        

Applicants should be young researchers in the final phase of PhD studies or who have recently completed a PhD. Only the PhD students may present the abstract; thesis supervisors are not allowed to present the papers on behalf of their students. Abstracts do not have to be linked to the conference theme but must be associated with a doctoral thesis in the field of health policy and management.

2016 AWARD:

The call for the 2016 KMMC/EHMA research award is now closed. To visit the EHMA2016 dedicated website, please click here:



Previous winners

2015: Luk Bruyneel
KU Leuven, Belgium
Organisation of hospital nursing, provision of nursing care, and patient assessments of care in Europe

2014: Helen Barratt
University College London, United Kingdom
Factors that infl uence patient and public views about proposals for major service change: evidence from the English NHS (PDF

2013: Pamela Mazzocato
Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Complexity complicates lean: Lessons from seven parallel emergency are services in the same hospital-wide lean program

2012: Mirella Minkman,
Vilans, The Netherlands
Developing integrated care. Towards a development model for integrated care

2011: Soki Choi
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Managing Clinical Integration – A Comparative Case Study in a Merged University Hospital.

2010: Salome K Ireri
Manchester Business School, United Kingdom
Medical leadership: experiences, competencies and development needs of doctor managers in the United Kingdom

2009: Oliver Groene
Avedis Donabedian University Institute, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Is patient-centredness in European hospitals related to existing quality improvement strategies? Analysis of a cross-sectional survey (MARQuIS study).

2008: Anthony Staines
Karolinska Medical Management Centre, Sweden/University of Lyon 3, France
Sustained Improvement? Findings From an Independent Case Study of the Jonkoping Quality Program

2007: Domenico Salvatore
IPAS, Universitá Bocconi, Milan, Italy
Physician Social Capital: its sources, configuration, and usefulness

2006: Susanne Kümpers
Social Science Research Centre Berlin, Germany
The importance of knowledge transfer between specialist and generic services in improving health care. A cross-national study of dementia care in England and The Netherlands.

2005: Peter Gaal
Semmelweis University, Health Services Management Training Centre, Budapest , Hungary
Informal payments for health care and the theory of “INXIT”

2004: Johan Thor
Medical Management Centre, Karolinska Institute, Sweden